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  1. The SWITCHED HSAP products are for domestic use and must only be used within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.
  2. Do not use these SWITCHED HSAP products with heavy duty tools and/or any similar equipment.
  3. This warranty will only apply if the SWITCHED HSAP product shows signs of damage caused by the effects of a power surge whilst being used for its intended purpose and within its designed capabilities.
  4. In the event of a power surge, only the appliances correctly listed as per the claim nomination form will be covered.
  5. The SWITCHED HSAP products must be plugged directly into a correctly grounded/earthed 3-wire AC 16 Amp outlet not exceeding 250 Volt supply and the property in which the SWITCHED HSAP products are used are must be electrically compliant.
  6. No extension cords and/or multiplugs and/or adaptors and/or off-grid power generating hardware such as, inter alia, generators and/or inverters must be used in conjunction with any SWITCHED HSAP products, as well as off-grid power generating hardware such as generators and inverters.
  7. This warranty form must be completed in full and submitted online within 14 (fourteen) days of purchase of the SWITCHED HSAP. The original form and proof of purchase must be retained and produced in the event of a claim. If the appliance is changed within the 14 day period and the date of your claim, a new claim must be submitted with the new/different appliance’s details.
  8. This warranty will only cover loss or damage occurring as a result of an electrical mains induced surge and not spontaneous component failure, or another failure/s not related to an electrical surge.
  9. The appliance manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, will be observed prior to the implementation of this warranty.

This warranty does not include:

  1. damage caused due to fair wear and tear;
  2. any loss and/or damage caused by fire, theft, flood, abuse or misuse whether intentional or unintentional, including use that is contrary to the instructions provided;
  3. damage caused by a direct lightning strike;
  4. damage caused by incorrect use and/or modifications made to the SWITCHED HSAP products;
  5. service charges and/or service calls;
  6. routine maintenance;
  7. installation and/or re-installation costs, including set-up costs;
  8. shipping and transport cost;
  9. the use of the SWITCHED HSAP products outside of the Republic of South Africa.


  1. Claims must be lodged within 7 days of the warranty event.
  2. In the event of a claim, register either online at Volkano.com (the ‘SWITCHED’ tab and then the ‘submit claim’) or email to returns@smdtechnologies.co.za.
  3. Complete the online claims questionnaire or the Claims Nomination Form (found at the end of this document) to be email to returns@smdtechnologies.co.za.
  4. The claim must be submitted with the following documents:
    4.1. the completed warranty form;
    4.2. the proof of purchase for the SWITCHED HSAP;
    4.3. a photo of the SWITCHED HSAP product/s;
    4.4. the proof of purchase of the appliance;
    4.5. a photo of the appliance;
  5. The customer is to obtain an inspection report and quotation for the repair of the damaged appliance from the manufacturer or its authorized agent.
  6. The inspection report and quotation must be sent to SMD Technologies (Pty) Ltd (“SMD”), who at its discretion may request to perform its own inspection of the damaged appliance/s and SWITCHED HSAP product, prior to any claims and/or repairs being authorized. In this event the damaged appliance and the SWITCHED HSAP product must be delivered to SMD’s returns department or a nominated site for inspection. The customer will be responsible for arranging for collection and delivery and will remain liable for the costs associated therewith.
  7. SMD will conduct an inspection to determine the cause of the damage and the course of action and will inform you of the conclusion within 20 working days of receipt of the appliances at its nominated address.
  8. After inspection, SMD will either repair or replace, in its sole discretion, the appliance up to a maximum of R50 000.00 per claim.


I acknowledge that:

  1. insofar as SMD might process my personal information in accordance with this agreement I hereby consent to the processing of my personal information by SMD and any other information that I may provide to SMD for all purposes related to this agreement;
  2. SMD may, from time to time, store, transfer and process my personal information in and to countries outside of the RSA. SMD shall take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that any personal information transferred outside of the RSA is protected and is processed as required by POPIA and the applicable data protection laws in that country. By submitting my personal information to SMD, I consent to the transfer, processing or storage of my personal information outside of the RSA;
  3. I am entitled to withdraw my consent to the processing of my personal information by giving written notice SMD together with the grounds therefore; provided that the lawfulness of the processing of personal information before such withdrawal will not be affected or the withdrawal will not affect any processing that:
    3.1. is necessary to carry out actions for the conclusion or performance of this warranty;
    3.2. complies with an obligation imposed by law on SMD;
    3.3. protects a legitimate interest; or
    3.4. is necessary for pursuing the legitimate interests of SMD or a third party to whom the personal information is supplied;
  4. I am entitled to object, by written notice to SMD, to the processing of my personal information on reasonable grounds, unless legislation provides for such processing; and lodge a complaint to the information regulator, established or to be established in terms of POPIA, regarding the alleged unlawful processing of the data subject’s personal information by the responsible party.